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Let HAVEN maximize your home’s selling potential and minimize your stress.

living room staged with owner's own furniture and accessories

Living in a home that you are trying to sell in today’s market can be time-consuming and stressful. You know that you need to de-personalize your home to make it appeal to potential buyers, but you may have found it difficult to emotionally detach yourself from a house you’ve lived in for a while. Keeping your home constantly picked-up for buyers who might not be able to see beyond the furniture will only get harder the longer your home is on the market.

We can work with your own furniture and accessories to help you display your home’s assets (and not your personal belongings), while making it comfortable enough for you to live in until the home sells. The goal is to objectively showcase your home in a way that would appeal to the most buyers…and sell it more quickly! We work with our clients to provide the level of of staging assistance that fits their preferences as well as their budget.

Design Consultation for Staging Services
($295 – $399 depending on property size)

(Additional $50 for evening or weekend hours.)

Office - Before Staging Consultation

Office – Before

The first step in staging your home is scheduling a design consultation for our staging services.The goal of the staging consultation is to determine the most important enhancements to help your home sell quickly and for the most money. Depending on the client’s priorities, a consultation may take into consideration curb appeal, an evaluation of each room of the home, as well as, feedback about the backyard. We’ll spend an hour or two meeting with you to walk through your space and discuss your project’s goals and design needs. We’ll make recommendations about which enhancements will help showcase your home’s best selling points in a way that appeals to the greatest number of potential buyers.

Since one of the easiest ways to make a big impact in a room is to paint the walls, we also recommend personalized paint colors based on the Certified Professional Color with No Regrets – One Day Decorating color system. No more stress trying to figure out the “right” paint colors!

Depending on the specific needs of your project, this may include recommendations with respect to:

Office after staging consultation with HAVEN

Office – After (click to enlarge)

  • de-cluttering and “neutralizing” personal items
  • repositioning items such as furniture, artwork, accessories…
  • documenting needed repairs
  • suggesting specific paint colors
  • suggesting lighting alternatives
  • suggesting where accessories may be needed and offering tips on what type of items are needed to better showcase the space for your online property photos

Staging Report of Recommendations

After our meeting, we’ll follow up with a written report that documents all of the items that we discussed during our consultation. The purpose of the report is to define the steps that need to be taken to stage your home to sell!

Implementing the Staging Recommendations

Depending on your needs and your budget, you can decide how you want to implement the ideas.

DIY Approach:

Some homeowners pay for the consultation and then implement the ideas from the Staging Report of Recommendations on their own. If you are the “Do It Yourself” type, this may work for you.

Standard Staging Services:

If the condition of your home is good and you prefer to focus on creating that “WOW” factor for your online property listing, we can help you implement the ideas from the Staging Report of Recommendations. This may include maximizing your space by using what you already have in your home. Using an objective professional eye, we may de-clutter your space, edit your personal items, reposition your furniture and accessories, and potentially recommend a few new accessories to prep the space for taking photos used for your online property listing.

Standard staging services typically start at only $500A standard staging project can usually be completed within a half day for 1-2 rooms for roughly $500. Or, a standard project can be completed for a whole house which typically takes about 2 days for roughly $1500. Since every project is different, staging is billed on an hourly basis.

Comprehensive Staging Services:

Many realtors know that move-in ready properties sell faster. Therefore, home sellers need to showcase a home in a way that a potential buyer can easily envision themselves living in the space, without the extra home improvement projects. In addition to using their own belongings and repositioning what they have, some homeowners may also want to supplement their belongings by renting select items from our warehouse to create a great first impression for your online property listing photos. Unlike many competitors, we don’t require a 3 month minimum to rent our furniture and accessories. We focus on making the process easy and cost-effective for you. HAVEN Home Staging and Redesign offers options to help you; we can rent the items to you on a monthly basis from our own warehouse of quality inventory, or we can provide personal shopping services to select and purchase the items for you.

For some homeowners, they need to take things one step further. They need to improve the condition of their home to prepare it for sale. For some, it is as easy as adding a fresh coat of paint using our suggested paint colors. For other properties, additional updating needs to be considered such as new or refinished flooring, updated appliances, updated lighting, kitchen remodel and/or bath remodel… If it doesn’t look move-in ready, it will most likely sit on the market longer. The longer your property sits on the market, the higher the probability that you’ll be doing a price reduction. Prepping your home to sell faster is less expensive than your first price reduction.

As a result, HAVEN Home Staging and Redesign offers specialized services to assist with any of the following:

  • flooring selection/purchasingStage Your Home to Get Top Dollar
  • appliance selection/purchasing
  • lighting selection/purchasing
  • kitchen remodeling assistance (i.e. selection of appliances, backsplash, cabinets, countertops, flooring…)
  • bathroom remodeling assistance
  • personalized shopping services to select and purchase your items to complete your look
  • rent items from our quality warehouse (i.e. furniture, artwork, accessories, lighting…)


Based on your project’s specific needs, we’ll provide an additional quote for these services. This will document our understanding of your project’s priorities for the agreed upon budget, so we can exceed your expectations!

We do most of the design work ourselves. However, if you need additional work done by a contractor such as an electrician, plumber or carpenter, we are happy to provide contacts within our referral network, or you can use any of your own contractors. We give you the flexibility to choose what’s right for you.

If you are ready to take the first step in maximizing your home’s selling potential through staging, call us at 312-380-1276 to schedule your design consultation.

Still not sure whether staging is right for you?

Learn how staging can help you sell your home faster, at top dollar and with less stress. You’ll spend less money staging your home to sell than you would lose in your first list price reduction.

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