Vacant Property (East End)

East End was a vacant property we staged to sell that had many architectural features such as a wood-burning fireplace, built-ins and large windows. However, the empty rooms in the condo, coupled with the plain white walls and trim, could make it difficult for potential buyers to envision themselves living in the space. HAVEN brought in furniture, rugs, accessories and art to define each room, making the rooms appear larger and brighter while highlighting the architectural features that were selling points to this property.

Vacant Property (Lill)

This property was dated and had an awkward layout. By bringing in current trending furniture and giving challenging rooms a purpose, the seller accepted an offer on this home in less than a week!

Vacant Property (Prairie)

This luxury condo had been on the market for months even with a tenant living in the property. Once it was empty and painting was complete to create a more neutral palette, HAVEN staged with their inventory to appeal to high end buyers. The realtor accepted a contract on the property two months after re-listing the property.

Vacant Property (Winchester)

This condo needed some updating. HAVEN professionals helped the seller pick paint and floor finishes. Once HAVEN staged the condo focusing on the main living spaces, the home was under contract in 4 days!

Occupied Property (Belle Plaine)

This project started with some needed home improvements. Besides painting, the kitchen was updated with new cabinets and counter tops. The bathroom vanity was also changed. Incorporating both HAVEN\'s inventory and pieces owned by the seller, we came up with a property that buyers loved.

Occupied Property (Reta)

This seller had some nice pieces of furniture to start with but it needed to be pulled together with bedding, art and accessories. Look at what a difference \"smaller scale staging\" can make.

Occupied Property (Sheridan)

This condo had a renter living in the property while the unit was being listed. Again, working with the main furniture in the condo, we pulled the look together with pillows, art, accessories and a few select pieces of furniture. This property was sold after the first showing!

Consult-Only Property (Forest)

Based on a two hour consultation with HAVEN and sticking closely to the follow up report, this homeowner transformed their house. With editing, furniture re-positioning and a neutral color palette this home became \"move-in ready!\"

Consult-Only Property (Lyndale)

What an amazing transformation after just two hours with a HAVEN professional for a minimal investment of $195. The do-it-yourself sellers followed the list of suggestions to the tee. Repainting, editing furniture pieces, de-cluttering and upgrading the bathroom allowed this condominium to shine.

Consult-Only Property (Wilton)

After being on the market for several months, these homeowners called HAVEN for a staging consultation. By following our suggestions to repaint a more neutral palette and re-position furniture to help the rooms show like model homes, the condominium sold quickly.

Move-In Property (Oak)

These clients had not had a chance since moving into their new home to furnish their dining room. Starting with a \"blank slate,\" we designed this room from wallpaper to accessories and everything in between.

Move-In Property (Huntington)

This kitchen was in need of updating. Originally, the homeowner was going to leave the cabinets alone due to budget. HAVEN professionals encouraged the client to invest in a lower cost solution of re-staining the cabinets vs. purchasing new cabinets. Look at what a difference that change made on the impact of this kitchen. A new back splash, counter tops, lighting, paint and furniture were other improvements made on this project.

Current Home Property (Fremont)

The ultimate goal of these homeowners was to completely redesign this living room with new furniture, paint and accessories. As part of this initial room makeover, we worked with their existing furniture and added a few accessories to show them how the space could be redesigned while giving them ideas for new furniture, paint and accessories to further enhance the space.