Redesign Client Testimonial

"My house was scattered…it had furniture, but it didn’t match, and had no accessories and nothing to pull the different pieces of furniture together. It was pretty “blah.” Whenever I would look for accent pieces or accessories I would get overwhelmed. I also asked Cheri to help pick paint colors for the house – she found the perfect colors and I get tons of compliments on it. …I trusted that she would not convince me to buy (and would prevent me from buying) something that wasn’t my style. I also knew she would be honest if there was something in the house that just had to go.

She found all the perfect accessories…and pulled everything together nicely. I LOVED that she worked with things that I already had but didn’t know what to do with it – books, weird wooden things from my mother-in-law, vases, etc.. I basically pulled out everything I had stored away and Cheri found a cute and different way to use them. I have received so many compliments from people visiting the house.

She found the perfect everything to finish my house yet I didn’t break the bank!"

~ Kara G., Homeowner (Chicago)

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