Testimonial from an Industry Professional

"I am currently in real estate development, I rehab houses and then sell them. It was recommended to me by my agent that I stage the property so it would be more appealing to the buyer. This way the buyer can have vision and not just see an empty house. My agent recommended you to me and I have had nothing but positive experiences with you all around.

I got the names of a couple of stagers. When I first spoke with you, I had a good feeling about you and your services from the onset. For me, it is all about the first impression. This has proven to usually carry through the entire process. And, you came highly recommended to me.

I have thrown some last minute curve balls and requests at you and the way you handled them were impressive. You have always been willing to accommodate, within reason, and do it in a very good manner. People can be very difficult and demanding but when things are done in an appropriate manner, I feel like it is a win/win for both parties. I believe that to be true in this case."

~ Stacey Zontini, Eddy Street Properties LLC (Chicago)

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