Vacant Home Staging

Are buyers having trouble seeing themselves living in your home?

Vacant City Condo Living Room after staging

Only 10% of home buyers can picture the potential of a home.* Therefore, if you are hoping to sell a property that is vacant, you may find that buyers can have a hard time realizing the potential in a home that is empty. They may have difficulty seeing how their own furniture would be configured in that empty space.

Buyers may also wonder at the purpose of an empty room. Is it a spare bedroom, or could it be used for an office or den? Empty spaces seem more “cold” and less “inviting.”

The “Emotional Factor” in Buying a Home

Vacant Living Room - Before Staging by HAVEN

Living Room – Before

People buy a home that they become emotionally attached to in some way. Even if a home has “good bones” or beautiful architectural details, it is hard to become emotionally attached to an empty space.

Since we have our own warehouse of quality inventory, we can help you “stage” your property to make it feel like “home.” HAVEN Home Staging and Redesign, Inc. can furnish a few rooms or the entire property, including outdoor spaces.

We offer two ways to help you – depending on your needs!

1) Need to rent items from our inventory? Consider our Complimentary Vacant Home Bid.
2) Need to improve the condition of your home and rent items? Consider our $295 Stage Consultation. (Additional $50 for evening or weekend hours.)

Vacant Living Room - After Staging by HAVEN

Living Room – After (click to enlarge)

Complimentary Vacant Home Bid

For some homeowners, the condition of the home is good. The only issue is the fact that the property is empty. Discover which pieces of our inventory can help you turn your empty space into an inviting space. When planning a vacant home staging project, we recommend the right amount of inventory needed to help you transform that “empty” space into a space that potential buyers will love!

We provide you with a complimentary bid listing the recommended inventory items that you can rent from our warehouse to better showcase your space and attract buyers! Our inventory includes quality items such as: furniture (i.e. sofas and accent tables, dining sets..), artwork, and other accessories such as lighting, rugs, replicas of a big screen tv and so much more!

Unlike our competitors, we do not require a 3 month contract. We hope your property sells quickly, and are willing to rent our items on a monthly basis to save you money. You can pick the amount of staging that works for your budget.

Design Consultation for only $349

(Additional $50 for evening or weekend hours.)

Some homeowners may need to take things one step further and improve the condition of their home to prepare it for sale. For some properties, it is as easy as adding a fresh coat of paint using our suggested paint colors. For others, additional updating needs to be considered such as new or refinished flooring, updating appliances and lighting fixtures, and/or remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom. If your home doesn’t look move-in ready, it will most likely sit on the market. The longer your property sits on the market, the higher the probability you’ll be doing a price reduction. Prepping your home to sell faster is less expensive than your first price reduction.

Let us reduce your stress by providing you with specific recommendations to help get your house SOLD! Also, view our portfolio to see more examples of how HAVEN helped other clients transform their homes through staging!

Call us at 312-380-1276 to schedule your consultation with HAVEN Home Staging & Redesign.

Still not sure whether staging is right for you?

Learn how staging can help you sell your home faster, at top dollar and with less stress. You’ll spend less money staging your home to sell than you would lose in your first list price reduction.

* NAR Profile of Buyers and Sellers 2009

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