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Tile Trends in Action

If you spend any amount of time on Instagram or Pinterest, you probably could list a few ongoing trends you’ve seen popping up over and over again off the top of your head. General things like mixed metals, lots of texture, and bolder pops of color ring a bell lately? Today we’re going to look at how these larger style movements are affecting tile trends, and trust us, they’re gorgeous.

The fun part about trends and shifts in general design is that they show up in every aspect of the industry. There are ways that the rustic farmhouse look has touched not only shiplap walls, but furniture, bedding, lighting, even down to the smallest accessories. So it’s no surprise that big trends hitting those areas of interior design are going to be reflected elsewhere.

living room

Image via: Lulu & Georgia


Texture, texture, texture. Interesting shapes, unfinished wood, and natural materials are giving an organic element to rooms and furniture.

backsplash tile trend

Image via: Ann Sacks

kitchen tile

Image via: Ann Sacks


Smooth subway tile still thrives, but we’re seeing more and more carved elements to tile and unique handmade qualities for that organic feel.

interior design

Image via: LuxeDeco


Mixed metals are replacing all chrome or all rose gold accents, and we love it. This trend helps give variety and depth to a space and allows more flexibility in terms of switching up style or accessories.

tile trend

Image via: Artistic Tile

backsplash design

Image via:


We’re seeing carved stone with metal inlays and marble showcasing both silver and gold streaks. The stone with metal and glass with metal looks in particular seem to be popular.

2020 color trend palette

Image via: Benjamin Moore

gorgeous interior design

Image via: Benjamin Moore


Pale pinks and neutrals with earth tone greens and blues. It began with millennial pink popping up in our feeds everywhere, but the trend continues on in softer pink hues of paint and furniture being balanced with rich greens and navy blue.

paint color trends

Image via: Ann Sacks

tiled shower

Image via: Fireclay Tile

up close look at tile


Tile is popping up in all of these colors from Benjamin Moore’s forecast. Everything from pink quartz countertops to deep blue textured field tile.

Anyone else want to go retile their bathroom now? Where have you noticed similar tile trends in the design world? Let us know!


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