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Fall & Winter Trends for 2020

With all this time spent at home, we’ve noticed a higher interest in home design in general, and transitioning to some chillier weather is no exception. Whether you’re into seasonal specific decor, or just want to incorporate some new colors into your accents that fit the weather changing, we’ll look at what’s trending for this upcoming fall and winter season. We’re going to look at home design trends for 2020 in three categories: color, materials, and specific styles and themes.


color trends for 2020

Image via: Foreign Rooftops


We saw this trend pop up at the beginning of the year when paint color trends for the year were released. It’s no surprise the greens and earthy hues are coming through during pumpkin spice season! Sage green is warm and cozy without being overwhelming or too saturated, so it’s great for a wide variety of decor styles. Earth tones work as great accents to the green or on their own. Fall florals are a great way to combine some of these colors into one scheme. The best part is that these colors can be accented differently once spring comes again to feel right in every season.

silvery blues and warm whites

Image via: House Beautiful


Blue and white is a classic color combination, but we’re noticing it a lot this year. Especially when the really cold air hits, the light blues are on trend and reflect the winter wonderland outside. We’ve been seeing a beige comeback this year and think that will continue into the winter, balanced with crisp whites inspired by snowy days.

rich and bold jewel tones

Image via: DigsDigs


Embracing the luxe of these deep velvety teals, blues, and greens this fall for sure! We’re even seeing some of the earth tones in richer saturations and shimmery fabrics, which put them in this category as well. We’re seeing these not only in living/dining furniture but in bedding and throws too.



More and more we’re seeing great options for fabrics that are eco-friendly in design. The biggies are showing up in recycled upholstery fabrics and organic bedding options. Bedding made from eucalyptus, organic cotton and natural linen will keep you cozy and stylish for the season, while warm woods, bamboo, and cork in flooring, furniture and decor bring in the natural element trends to any space.

eco friendly trends

Image via: Pottery Barn


This fuzzy fabric has been growing in popularity this year, but fall/winter is when it’ll really shine. It’s sort of the ultimate cozy chic. Think teddy bear but more grown-up. We recommend it in smaller accent furniture or throw pillows if you want just a touch, or go big with a boucle sofa if you know you’re going to love it for years.

velvet trend

Image via: Adairs


This luxe, soft, and currently ubiquitous fabric has been trending for a while and doesn’t seem to be heading out anytime soon. Particularly in furniture and throw pillows, but extending at times even to curtains. The sheen it gives to any color adds dimension and is an automatic invite for lounging.

2020 trends

Image via; Myth & Symbol


Besides boucle and velvet, several other textured fabrics are trending this year. Linens, embroidered fabrics, natural woven materials and the classic chunky knit are all being used for bedding, pillows, and throws. One of the easiest ways to prep your space for colder months is adding layers. Layering various textures in a space adds dimension and warmth. So have some fun with textured pillows or throws, or even swap some art for a wall hanging to make a room feel refreshed and inviting.


Style and themes that trend are perhaps more subjective, but the biggest thing is that these trends tend to reflect the shared experience within a culture or a place. The trends we’ve seen grow in popularity have certainly been impacted by the global pandemic we’ve been experiencing for most of 2020.


Could you even call this a trend anymore? It seems like embracing some natural elements to a space and bringing the outdoors in is more of a classic than a trend at this point, but nonetheless is forecasted to be big this autumn and winter. Particularly because we’ll all be spending even more time inside than we’re used to. Even if you hunker down in the winter normally (especially here in Chicago!), it’s broken up a bit with work/school/etc. This year, natural elements and plants indoors are going to be used not just for aesthetics, but also for some peace of mind. This trend will be found both in botanical elements in the home and increased use of sustainable products and materials.

outdoor decor trends

Image via: Beauty for Ashes


Similar to the outdoors in, we’re seeing a big trend in adding pieces to outdoor settings so they can be utilized for longer periods of time. Bringing in warm lights, heat lamps, cozy blankets and extra pillows are going to be important for using whatever outdoor space you have as far into 2020 as possible!

dining room trends


Since we can’t gather in huge parties right now, the shift towards smaller and more intimate gatherings is obvious. We’re seeing an emphasis on dining spaces and kitchens, where we gather with close family and friends. Especially as holiday season approaches, we’re seeing the various trends already mentioned show up in table settings. From earthy imperfect pottery to luxe glam dinnerware, the dinner table is getting a refresh.

bold scandinavian trends

Image via: Murals Wallpaper


Scandinavian design like that found at Ikea and other major retailers has always had its place in the design world, but we’re seeing it get a revamp to reflect some of the other trends and the shift in lifestyle 2020 has brought with it. Incorporating natural elements like warm wood, rattan, and bamboo with some bolder and richer earth tone colors, all fused together in classic simple scandinavian furniture and patterns will be all over the place this year. This is a great time to blend a few different design styles together!

Any trends for 2020 you’ve noticed that we didn’t include? Any of these you’re going to incorporate into your own space? Let us know!


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