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Styling with Blue

Blue is a truly timeless color. It’s one of those colors that everyone likes (at least in some version), and it can easily blend with any existing decor and can complement any existing color scheme. It’s soothing, calm, and inviting. Here’s some ways you can start styling with blue and work it into your decor.

Various blue home decor accessories are shown. Vases, candle holders, and jars in various shades of blue

Image via: CB2


Blue is a great choice for pops of color amongst a neutral background. It can help tone down intensely warm wood settings, or can add a bit of interest in a cooler setup. Whether you’re adding throw pillows, accessories, or small pieces of art, blue draws you into the space while amplifying the other items within.

A living room with neutral wood and cream furniture is set with a dark blue rug underneath

Image via: McGee & Co


For a bigger statement, go for a large rug with blue as its main color. This works particularly well on lighter wood floors, or if you have white walls. It’s also an excellent option if you have leather furniture that’s in a caramel or cognac color. The contrast of warm leathers and cool blues just works.

Dark blue walls and ceiling of this dining room make the room look larger. Dining table and chairs are in a natural wood, with cream accents to brighten the space

Image via: Soho Home


Normally we suggest you avoid going with really specific colors in big items like sofas, but blue is timeless and quite the chameleon. So if you end up changing your style down the road, your blue pieces can pretty easily get incorporated into the new space. Wall paint is an easier change, and can be a quick and inexpensive way to really show off your other pieces. Using a dark blue on all walls and trim in a room is a bold choice, but can result in a room looking even larger than it is!

An all blue bedroom is shown. Deep blue walls, blue velvet headboard, and blue and purple bedding create a moody interior

Image via: Camille Styles


If you’re interested in creating a monochromatic interior space, blue is a fantastic option. Styling with blue in all its various shades and saturations can keep visual interest. Treat navy as a black in this scenario, and lighten with pale shades of blue or blue grays. Add in just a bit of wood in this scenario and you’ve got a bold room without being overwhelmed.

Styling with blue could be just the boost your space needs. It’s bold without being overwhelming, and naturally sets a peaceful tone in a space even amongst rich and vibrant colors like orange and red. You really can’t go wrong! How have you used blue in your space?


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