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A Calming Bedroom Design for Every Style

We’ve already talked about some key design elements that create a relaxing and calming bedroom, and some tips for keeping it that way. You can read about those here.

We also want to dive in to how different design styles take those tips and tricks and apply them with their own unique filter. One person might imagine a calming bedroom to be pale blue with beachy vibes, while someone else may imagine a dark bold green with velvet drapes and candles. Both can be ultra-relaxing spaces – that’s the fun of design!

If you’re new to the types of design styles, you can also check out our blog post on some well-known styles here, and our YouTube video of our design style session!

Let’s take a look at some unique ways the well known design styles address calm bedroom spaces.

traditional bedroom style

Traditional Bedroom Design. Image via: Bria Hammel


Traditional design tends to have rounded furniture, lots of carved wood, and details like paneled ceilings like the image here. Calming elements of this style are in the neutrals and the deep wood tones, plus soft upholstery with tufted elements like the headboard on the end. That sort of timeless feel of the furniture and easy colors give the space a tranquil feeling right off the bat.

farmhouse design

Farmhouse Bedroom Design. Image via: The Stir


Farmhouse or rustic style is pretty easy to make feel calm, since a lot of people already associate farm-style living as being sort of “off the grid” and in touch with nature, and it also utilizes a lot of neutrals and woods rather than super bright and harsh colors. In the images here you can see that the calm atmosphere comes through in particular with the whites mixed with softer, paler greens and blues and earthy tones. The fabric is very soft and lightweight, giving everything a sort of breezy look.

industrial bedroom style

Industrial Bedroom Design. Image via Pinterest/Article


Industrial can read pretty cold and masculine, which can be calming for some and not so much for others. The key for this kind of space would be softening up the super straight lines and stark metal with nice cushions and bedding and some airy curtains. Bringing in greenery and artwork helps a lot too. You can see even in the dark bedroom on the right that the decor itself is pretty cold, but the softness of the bed linens still give a cozy vibe and makes you want to just curl up with a book.

scandinavian bedroom

Scandinavian Bedroom Design. Image via Pinterest/Jenni Kayne


Scandinavian design by nature is pretty focused on calming spaces already. Simple design that isn’t fussy, not tons of color, and it’s all about textures here. Keep the key principles of Scandinavian design in your mind as you choose your bedroom selections and you’ll probably be good to go.

Bohemian, eclectic style bedroom

Bohemian Bedroom Design. Image via: Green Wedding Shoes


Bohemian and eclectic are two design styles that can get super maximalist super quickly, which is great – that’s kind of what the styles are all about, rich color, collections on display and mix-n-match central. For a calmer bedroom, you can still bring those elements in, just make them smaller and have a few less items to keep it clear of clutter and unnecessary things. Keeping the walls neutral, pale, or muted gives a good backdrop for a couple items that pop with color without overwhelming the space. Greenery in one of these bedrooms is a great way to fill in the room while maintaining the calm vibe.

Glam bedroom

Glam Bedroom Design. Image via: Studia 54


Glam usually has many elements of shine, whether it’s brass, chrome, or crystal, the bling can get too distracting if you’re going for a peaceful bedroom. Use it in more subtle ways and balance it out with neutral bedding or upholstery. This style is great for trying out deep colors on the walls like black or dark green, along with embracing luxe textures like faux fur and velvet. Keep your color palette minimal in your moody glam room and it’ll maintain the serenity with only the subtle nod to the glitz.

Mid-century modern home design

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom. Image via Pinterest/West Elm


Mid-century modern was known not only for it’s clean lines and wood, but also for the super warm colors like yellow greens and pinks, so in a bedroom it’s important to kind of balance those things out with cooler toned fabrics or wall colors. This style is really easy to mix and blend with other styles as well, so have fun with using moody glam colors or more bohemian accents like hanging planters and kilim rugs. The easiest way to achieve a calm space with MCM is your color palette. Stick to that and you’re good!

Coastal style bedroom

Coastal Bedroom Design. Image via: Z Design


Similar to Scandinavian style, coastal’s goal is to achieve the serenity of the beach and waterfront, using whites, blues, and light wood to do so. It’s whole goal is to evoke a sense of calm, so bedrooms of this style are a piece of cake. Just avoid too much decor, as that can feel cluttered and kitschy rather than relaxed and beachy.

modern/transitional design

Modern/Transitional Bedroom Design. Image via: Lulu & Georgia


Modern and transitional are two different styles, but they get blended together a lot. Modern on its own can be sort of cold and just all black and white. Transitional takes elements of modern, traditional and mid century and combines them in an easy to love way.

The way to keep spaces like this feeling peaceful is not using too much of the same thing. (For example, don’t use all wood furniture or all metal furniture, mix it up a bit.) And keep your color palette minimal to neutrals and one or two accent colors. I love the green bed frame in the far right image, but it’s not overwhelming at all since it’s balanced out by the white walls and textured rug. Add in just a bit of warmth to these spaces as well through some cognac colored leather or beige-y yellow pillows to avoid it feeling sterile.

As you can see, there are several RIGHT ways to make your bedroom a little sanctuary for yourself. Ultimately you’re the boss of what kinds of things achieve that for you. When you’re getting ready to design, think about a place you’ve been in that you immediately felt calm in. It could have been a house, a hotel, somewhere outdoors, or a city or country you traveled to. It could even be a place you imagined while doing yoga one day. Try to pinpoint what about that space made you feel calm – was it scent? Colors? How the furniture felt? How the outdoors felt? Use that memory to guide you towards things that make you feel peaceful, and go from there.

What is the most calming part of your bedroom? Let us know!


*All images are property of HAVEN and/or have been used with permission*

PS – Want more info about creating a calm bedroom? You can watch our full Tuesday @ 2 session here.

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