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4 Ways to Use Mirrors in Your Space

Mirrors are great. Like, really great. Of course we use them in the usual places, like bathrooms or in closets, but mirrors can transform spaces when used well and in creative ways. They are art, light amplifiers, architectural, versatile, and we’ll be using them forever.

large mirrors on the wall


You can of course use a mirror as an artistic piece. This is probably the simplest usage of mirrors aside from just having somewhere to check your hair before you leave the house. Even within this category there are tons of different ways to include mirrors in your decor. Mirrors with interesting shapes or ornate frames can make more of a statement on your wall, or you could use several mirrors of varying shapes and sizes to create a sort of gallery wall, or you can just include a simple round mirror to accentuate the space above something like a dresser or entryway console.

mirror as art

Image via: Listotic

Letting in LIGHT:

Not only are mirrors useful for making sure you’re good for your upcoming zoom meeting, they also reflect light in a room which can help it seem larger. Mirrors are great small space solutions because they really impact how a space feels. We also recommend them for those typical Chicago units that have “views” of your neighbor’s brick exterior. If there’s room in your small space for a large leaning floor mirror, we suggest placing it across from or adjacent to your windows to get maximum light reflection.

mirrored coffee tables

Image via: Img Home


You’ve probably seen mirrored furniture in several styles. Similarly to a mirror on a wall helping to reflect light and enlarge a space visually, mirrored furniture does the same, with the added benefit of helping the floor plan itself seem larger. You could have a very large dresser, but if it’s all clad in mirror it won’t be as visually bulky. Mirrored furniture also helps to emphasize your color scheme or texture in a room, since you essentially double whatever you have around it.

A lot of times mirrored furniture is only seen as fitting with the glam style, and it certainly lends itself to that, but there are lots of modern and even vintage mirrored pieces, either with just mirrored tops or entirely faceted versions. Shape and hardware are going to be the elements that push pieces like this towards one design style or another. For example, a mirrored nightstand with brass legs and pulls reads more glam, whereas a simple mirror-clad prism coffee table will read more modern.

You can also use mirrors that have some sort of effect or color applied to them. Most people are familiar with mercury glass, which gives more of a speckled finish to the mirror, but you can find plenty of colored glass that gives a reflection of sorts. While it may not be a great idea for your bathroom vanity, colorful mirrored items can make really interesting art pieces for your space.

mirror ceiling

Image via: Pinterest


Another great place for a colorful reflective glass is in a statement ceiling. We’ve talked about statement ceilings and floors during our Tuesdays at Two sessions before, and just because it’s “mirrored” doesn’t necessarily mean you look up to a copy of yourself while you eat dinner. Think about even high gloss material that gives a semi reflection. Statement ceilings with mirrors or colorful reflective glass can be an instant luxe boost in a space and make the ceilings appear taller.

mirror gallery wall

Center image via: Pinterest

Probably the best thing about mirrors and mirrored surfaces is that they will always find a way to be both functional and beautiful. Have fun with different sizes, types and placements of mirrors in your space!


PS – This topic was a Tuesdays @ 2 session! Watch the full video:

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