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Color Trend: Styling with Green

Maybe you’ve noticed it as well, but GREEN is all over the place, and has been since 2020. In everything from wall paint to fall jackets, styling with green in several shades is popular – particularly sage and earthy greens and deep emeralds. Today we’re going to give some inspiration on how to incorporate this color trend in your space!

Green has always been a well liked color, and you could argue that it doesn’t really “trend”, but it has been showing up even more than usual in recent years. Psychologically, green is a very soothing color and can help create a calm atmosphere. It’s also a color that evokes growth and innovation, so it can be thought of as an inspirational color, which could explain why it boomed in popularity in 2020! Green is also a really versatile color and comes in a ton of different hues that range from warmer yellow-greens to cooler blue-greens, which make it super easy to add into any existing decor and style you’ve got in your space.

green chair against green wall

Image via: Homes to Love


The easiest way to update a room is painting the walls! Go for a green accent wall or do the whole room, or even look into using green wallpapers. Don’t feel like you have to dive in all the way with wallpaper either, you could find a neutral wallpaper that has some green accents in it. This could be an easier way to incorporate the color trend while matching existing decor and providing longevity to the design. Green is a less overwhelming color, so it’s an easy one to use in an entire space. Just make sure you take into account the lighting available in your room so you can achieve the mood you want with the right shade!

green couches and cowskin rug


We generally recommend that if you’re going to incorporate a trend with your furniture, that you choose smaller, less expensive pieces to do so. This is merely because often times trends are fads and come and go, and it isn’t the greatest feeling to spend a lot of money on a huge sectional from a trend that you stop liking within a couple of years. That being said, color trends come back around more often and are a bit easier to coordinate in different ways, so don’t feel like you can’t get a green sofa! If you’re not entirely sure about committing to a piece that large, try a green ottoman, accent chair, or even a rug that has greens in it. These items are easier to swap out or move to other rooms and mix with other pieces later on as you start to like other things.

living room design

Image via: Craftberry Bush


An even faster and less expensive way to incorporate a color trend is in your decor. Swap out some artwork, add a green throw blanket, or swap some of your decor objects to incorporate green that way. You could even re-adjust your book/magazine storage to showcase green covers/spines and add a pop with what you already have.

green couch with fiddle leaf fig

Image via: Anthropologie


The absolute easiest way to incorporate the green trend is with actual greenery! The extra benefit of plants is that they won’t become “non-trendy” ever. If anything, bringing the outdoors in is becoming a lifestyle shift rather than a design choice. If you’re not the best at keeping your plants alive, opt for faux instead. We love to use greenery in all of our spaces.


Refreshing your bed linens is another easy way to get a big impact for a small investment. Especially going in to the colder months, swapping some bedding for some ultra cozy green linens or throw blankets is a great way to embrace the green.

bedding with green pillows

Image via: A&C Homestore


  1. Avoid your space becoming Christmas-y year round by softening any red accents you have with lighter oranges or pinks. This will keep the space invigorating and modern without making you feel like you’re in an endless December.

  2. Adding lots of white with green makes a space more energized, so it works well in family rooms and kitchens where there’s more activity and less need for calming and relaxing vibes like bedrooms. (There are exceptions to this of course, depending on shade of green and how much white you use, no hard and fast rules here!)

  3. Tone down brighter greens with cool wood colors to achieve a more rustic garden feel without your green being overwhelming

  4. For instant luxe glam feel, pair green with brass or gold lighting and accents and fabrics like velvet

  5. For a room with lots of depth, layer various greens together, just in different sheens. An emerald green velvet sofa with deep matte green walls make a moody lounge that we love.

There are tons of ways to incorporate green in any design style, so have fun! If you want even more information on the different ways this trend has shown up, check out our Tuesdays at Two session on styling with green!


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