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Design Notes: Bathrooms

Whether you are planning a full renovation or just a quick refresh of your bathrooms, we’ve got some tips on current design trends, how to get a quick refresh of the space, and some ways to work with space constraints. Happy designing!

powder room



Warmth is coming back to bathrooms after years of the white-on-white look. Bathrooms can feel sterile or cold pretty easily, so materials like natural woods, natural stone, living metals and earthy tiles can all bring warmth and texture into your bathroom. This warmth can be embraced in large or small ways. Go big and wrap your bathroom walls in wood, or add accessories like baskets and shower stools made from wood. Use the warm tile from floor to ceiling in the shower or keep it minimal as just the flooring.

bathrooms trend - standalone bath tub

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Beyond even the elegant free standing oval tub, we’re seeing some unique statement tubs popping up. Many of them have quite curvy silhouettes. Curved furniture is also trending recently, so it’s not much of a surprise that the trend shows up in more than one category.


Much more we’re seeing variations on classic sink/vanity combo. Split double vanities and separate mirrors are trending. The warm stone and tile is showcasing itself in dramatic sinks as well.

bathrooms trend - double vanities



An easy way to upgrade a basic vanity or storage unit is to add new pulls. This is also a great opportunity to experiment with other trends like mixed metals (which you can read more about here)


This is an easy way to bring a little life and color into your bathroom. It can be a real succulent or plant if you get enough natural light in your space, or some faux greenery. Either way, it’s an instant mood booster!

beautiful bathroom


Bath mats are first and foremost a functional addition to the bathroom, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. If you have the space, consider a textured runner for an elevated look. Swap out your standard small mat for something woven, shaggy, or even made of moss! Refresh your towels when needed as well for an instant spa feel.


Don’t be afraid to add artwork to your bathroom for some color and personality. Short of painting the whole room or applying wallpaper, adding a piece or series of artwork is the best way to upgrade a boring wall. We recommend hanging items that don’t mind some humidity from steamy showers!

vase on bathroom counter


Candles in the bathroom or oil diffusers can lift your mood and maintain the freshness of the space. Plus, a stylish candle or diffuser is an easy and beautiful accessory on your vanity or shelves.


Not all spaces have linen closets, or maybe linen closets near the bathroom, and if you’ve only got room for a pedestal sink with no storage, you might be somewhat stuck on where to stash your reserve toilet paper rolls.

shelves above toilet


Use floating shelves where you can, and consider alternatives that are narrow like picture ledges. Spice racks can even be wall mounted and great for storing small toiletries or nail polish.


Any small space can benefit from this. Whether you’re adding floating shelves or using a leaning ladder for towels, going up means you aren’t taking up valuable floor space and can make the room seem larger by drawing the eye upwards.

clever storage for bathrooms

Image via: Ikea


Get creative with a cart. They’re slimmer and easier to move around than a typical storage piece, and you can get tiered ones that again use vertical space to store more while keeping a small footprint. Baskets are great for storage too, and can be used on shelving units to hide some of the “less aesthetically pleasing” items that are needed but don’t need to be on display. You can even mount baskets on the wall and skip the shelf entirely!

Whether it’s a huge revamp or a small refresh, treat yourself to a bathroom upgrade – and let us know how it goes!


PS – Bathrooms were featured as a Tuesdays at Two session! You can watch the full video here.

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