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Styling with Plants

While there has been a building trend in design and lifestyle of bringing greenery into the home and styling with plants, it seems like it’s become even more important post-2020. That being said, it’s important to know some tips and tricks for styling with plants, so let’s get your green thumb going!

table with large plants

Image via: CB2


First, it’s important to be realistic about the conditions of your space. Aesthetics alone won’t keep your plants alive, unfortunately. Consider these when choosing your greens:

  1. How much natural light does your space get? How does it change throughout various spaces or during different parts of the day?

  2. Do you get a strong breeze and airflow, or is your space tend toward the humid side? What’s the temperature usually like?

  3. Do you have pets? Kids? Make sure you’re researching what plants are safe or consider placing some greenery out of reach.

living room with built in shelving

Image via: Scout & Nimble


The essentials:

  1. Watering can

  2. Shears for pruning

  3. Small spade

  4. Soil

  5. Horticultural oil – if you have a space that tends to attract insects

plant on table in foyer

Image via: Room & Board


Now you’ve chosen the right plants for your space and you’re suited up with the correct tools. After planting in your pots of choice, it’s time to style! Styling with plants is hard to do incorrectly, but there are some things to keep in mind to take it from good to great.

  1. Mix plants of various textures, colors and shapes to create a more dynamic area and add visual interest.

  2. Mix plant groupings of various heights strategically to fill out spaces and draw the eye upward with taller plants.

  3. Pop a small plant in a bathroom or kitchen counter for an instant hit of freshness

  4. Fill in awkward spaces and corners with taller plants for a visual break

  5. When choosing planters and pots, play off your existing design style in the space. If you’re stuck, try searching online for a specific design style followed by planter like “Scandinavian planters”

  6. Use a stool or side table to raise up small plants.

plants in corner nook

Have fun styling with plants! Get creative and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Adding greenery is a simple way to boost a room with freshness and visual interest, so enjoy the process!


PS! This topic was part of our Tuesdays at Two. You can check out the full video below.

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