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Adapting to the Fall Patio

Whether you have a small outdoor balcony or a large patio, we’re all wanting to stretch out our outdoor time as much as possible. Finding a way for your patio to be usable in both warm and cool months is not only enjoyable for you, but adds value if you’re thinking of selling your property in the future. It doesn’t take much to take those patio spaces into the Fall season.

outdoor living room with pergola, couches and lighting

Image via: Room for Tuesday


Just as you might add seasonal decor inside your home, you can expand that to your patio space! With cooler temperatures and fewer hours of daylight, here’s some things to consider adding:

  1. Lighting: Outdoor lighting is going to be a necessity if you want to use your outdoor space in the evening. Go for candles, lanterns, or string lights to keep things visible during your outdoor dinners.

  2. Textiles: Layering in more blankets and pillows for those chillier nights will come in handy! Stock a basket of some chunky knits near your outdoor space so you can easily bring them in and out of the house. Family and guests will appreciate the option to wrap themselves in a cozy blanket as temperatures start to drop.

  3. Warmth: Add actual heat to your outdoor space with the use of a fire pit or a heat lamp. There are tons of sleek and affordable options out there, including portable outdoor space heaters that run on propane. These are perfect for spaces without outlets. Most outdoor heaters will also specify how many square feet they can warm, so you can calculate exactly what you need for your space.

  4. Rain and weather protection: If you really want to get the most out of your patio space in the fall, an awning or canopy of some kind can be really helpful. These can help block rain and wind, plus it will keep the space a bit warmer. A full canopy isn’t always an option, but even a collapsible patio umbrella can help keep the elements out.

outdoor patio design

Image via: Hunted Interior


The natural elements of your Fall patio space are a great opportunity to embrace the season. Here’s what we recommend:

  1. Evergreens: Evergreens and shrubbery that stay green all year long are some of the best options for outdoor spaces. Not only are you avoiding that time when outdoor plants typically wilt and turn brown, but they’re also a great base for any other seasonal plants and color schemes. We recommend you ask your local nursery for recommendations specific to your space and sun levels.

  2. Fall harvest produce: If you’re into growing your own fruits and vegetables, having some plants that produce their crop in the Fall can be a fun addition of color, and of course a yummy contribution to your groceries! Squash, quick maturing tomatoes, and some leafy greens are good options that can be planted in late summer and harvest in the fall.

  3. Fall specific flowers and plants: Fall is a good time to add some color to your garden that will last the rest of the year. One option to add this color is with perennial flowers. These will come back on their own each year. Ornamental grasses are also great for Fall because of how hardy they are and they have a classic Fall aesthetic. Flower and plant arrangements can be used as focal points in the center of your patio or around the edges to make the space feel cozier.

  4. Hanging baskets: For an instant boost, consider hanging baskets or window box gardens with Fall flowers. Check your local garden center for some ready made baskets of blooms!

With just these small additions, your Fall patio will be ready! How are you extending your patio season?


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