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Utilize Your Awkward Corner

Every home has that one awkward corner or wall that seems pointless or just tough to know how to fill. Maybe it’s the corner behind your sofa, or that awkward space by your closet doors. Instead of leaving it bare or using it as a catchall for miscellaneous junk, it’s time to put that space to good use!

4 chairs are placed around a small coffee table in front of a fireplace. the two alcoves flanking the fireplace are filled with tall decorative sticks on the left and a tall floor lamp on the right


  1. Extra light is always a pro, so take advantage of an awkward corner or nook and add a floor lamp. Nestle it behind a chair, or let it stand alone as a statement piece.

two chairs are placed in front of a window of a small corner in a living room. to their right stands a tall palm plant, filling the empty space


  1. Place a tall plant or bundle of sticks in this space for some vertical visual interest.

  2. Hang a tall vertical piece of art in the space, either alone or in combination with a shorter item like a bench or basket to create some extra visual interest or help tie in a color scheme.

a living room with fireplace is shown with two chairs in front of the windows. in the back corner stands a floor lamp next to a basket filled with pillows


  1. Use the space for extra storage and add a basket with some extra pillows or blankets. This is also a great way to neatly store stray toys, pet items, or general clutter.

a living room setup is shown here with a fireplace that juts out. beyond the fireplace some decorative sticks fill the back corner, and the other side of the fireplace has a bench with pillows


  1. This is a great place to store an extra seating piece like a small pouf, stool, or bench. Just pull it into the main seating area when needed, or let it live as a little reading nook.

a small room has been set up with two armchairs and a rug. an alcove of the room has been turned in to built in storage shelves, the wall directly next to these has a leaning mirror and decorative plants to fill the space


  1. Space dependent, an awkward corner or wall can be the perfect place for some floating shelves, a small console, or even a narrow bookcase. Practically, this buys you some extra storage space, and visually it is a great opportunity to incorporate some colorful books, vases, and small plants into the room.

Say goodbye to that empty, awkward corner! Use one or more of these tricks for making the most of the small spaces in your home, and have some fun with the mini makeover!


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a large marble fireplace juts out from the wall of a living room. to the left in the alcove created by the fireplace is a leaning mirror, and to the right is a vase with white painted sticks

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