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A Stunning Bedroom in 5 Steps

Maybe you haven’t thought about having a “stunning bedroom”. If you’re the only one or one of only a few people who normally see this space, it’s understandable if it hasn’t been given extra attention to really be showcased. However, we’d argue that even having a show-stopper for just yourself is worth it! It can take your bedroom to another level, and even make it more of a relaxing space to be in. Here’s how to achieve it.

an emerald velvet curved headboard is paired with a large circular gold sconce and set with blush pink and navy bed linens

Image via: Emily Henderson

STEP 1: Choose a bed frame and headboard to define the space and guide style

The possibilities are endless here, so it’s important to narrow down what you’re looking for from the beginning.

  1. Keep in mind some logistics of your space. For example, if your bed is positioned in front of windows, you might not want a tall headboard that blocks the light.

  2. Choosing a design style ahead of time will help filter out some choices and help you avoid feeling overwhelmed. Decide right away if you’re going for a glam look, minimalist vibes, bohemian texture, or something else.

  3. Consider coloring of the bed frame and headboard as well. If you don’t plan on painting your walls, think about what will stand out against your current wall color (or fade into it if that’s what you’re going for!)

a light colored primary bedroom has a king bed with light blush and cream linens and pillows. the side tables and artwork coordinate together in lighter wood tones, and a neutral rug and light bench at the end of the bed show an airy space

STEP 2: Plan complimentary furnishings

If you have the extra room, consider what other pieces of furniture you’ll be bringing in to the space and how they can complement the style you’re going for.

  1. Think about material and color for things like nightstands and consoles. An entirely matching bedroom set is somewhat a thing of the past in terms of decor trends, but you still want your items to feel cohesive together.

  2. Consider sizing, especially for nightstands. Make sure you measure to ensure your headboard and nightstands will all fit together on the same wall, and keep in mind any doors that need to be accessible near the bed or tables. Don’t forget height of nightstands too, which will vary a bit on your bed height once assembled on a new frame.

  3. This is a great moment to add in artwork for your design. Getting that set along with the furniture will help guide choices in rugs, bedding, and pillows

a pale wood bed sits between two sage green nightstands. They are accented by a large rust and sage colored rug

Image via: Katrina Chambers

STEP 3: Add a rug if you don’t have carpet

Or put a rug on top of carpet to help define the space! Keep in mind:

  1. Sizing. There are tons of online guides to choose rug size based on your room parameters and your bed size.

  2. Comfort. The bedroom is a great opportunity for some high pile rug options. Think about material and what you’ll want to plop your feet onto first thing in the morning!

  3. Color. You can decide to have your rug be a bold focus in your design, or keep it lighter and neutral as a base for bolder bedding.

a bedroom in a loft space showcases a caramel leather headboard and frame against a black beadboard wall. the dark interior is contrasted by the pure white bedding

STEP 4: Select your bedding

Definitely an important aspect of your stunning bedroom, both in terms of your comfort and your design! The “right choice” entirely depends on your style, so have fun with it!

  1. Balance out neutral walls with bolder colorful bedding

  2. Or do the opposite and balance a bold wall color or art with more neutral linens

  3. Keep everything light and airy with pale colors and neutrals all around for a dreamy space

  4. Go saturated and moody with bold walls and bedding for a cave-like sanctuary

a pale blue primary bedroom with a king bed dressed with white linens, black and dark green accent pillows and blankets. above the dark grey tufted headboard is a set of two dark green circular mirrors

STEP 5: Add texture with pillows and blankets

All your bases are covered, here’s where you can play around with some fun texture!

  1. Use pillows of different sizes, shapes and textures to give your space more interest

  2. Pull colors from your rug, artwork, or bedding to coordinate with your other pieces

  3. Fill it up, but don’t overwhelm – keep in mind you either have to fit in the bed with all these pillows or you’ll need to move them every day for sleeping, so add what you’re willing to work with

Bedrooms are intensely personal spaces in your home, so treat them well and give them the treatment they – and you! – deserve. We believe a stunning bedroom is good for the soul.


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