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Interior Design Trends for 2022

2020 and 2021 have forced us to look at our homes more intensely and intentionally than ever before. This is showing itself in the interior design trends for 2022. Some of these have been on the rise already and are continuing or shifting, while others will emerge from the effects of the past two years.

an entryway is painted in a deep sea blue and accented with natural wood floors, jute stair runner, and a large colorful piece of artwork


As we move into 2022, we’re seeing fewer whites and grays, and more color. Whether it’s in your paint color options, fabric choices, or even just large artwork, incorporating color is becoming the way to go. This is showing up in moody hues and jewel tones, but vibrant colors are also making more appearances.


Sustainable design has been trending for a few years now, and it’s not going anywhere in 2022. This is showing up in both color and actual material choices. Environmentalism is driving a push toward sustainable options. The color green is being incorporated everywhere. This can be partially attributed to the desire to merge indoor with outdoor in design. That desire was spurred further from lockdowns and an increase in working from home.

A formal dining space is softened with curved velvet dining chairs and warm accents

Image via: Martha Stewart


Another trend that can be attributed to the effects of the pandemic is a softening of the “formal” areas of our homes. Being at home constantly meant rethinking our spaces, what they’re used for, and how often they’re used. Formal dining rooms became offices, and living rooms became zoom settings. This has encouraged the mentality to utilize rooms more often in our homes, and make them more inviting spaces.


The all white kitchen certainly had its moment, but we’re seeing a push toward warmer spaces. Moody and rich colors are influencing kitchens. Countertops and backsplashes are arriving in more unique stones with varied patterns and colors. We’re also seeing a shift towards a kitchen that’s somewhat tucked away from the other main living areas of the house. This is pretty dramatic considering how big the open concept living space has been for many years. This update to the previous interior design trends adds to the personal feeling of a kitchen and is probably a response to spending so much time in our homes. Big open spaces weren’t always conducive to peacefulness and productivity.

a living room opens onto a large outdoor space, and is created with several layers of sustainable and natural materials.

Image via: The Design Files


Ironically enough, a trending theme for 2022 is to use less trends. Designers are noting that clients are more willing to take some risks based on their own personality and design favorites. This rise of truly unique spaces will be an interesting one to see play out. We wonder what affects it will have on home decor retailers and future trends.


Now that travel restrictions are loosening, we’ll be seeing that influence in design more and more. Coupled with a willingness to take risks and showcase personality in design, this will have a big impact.

Curves abound in this muted pink living space. A curved sofa is accented by circular coffee tables and mirrored in the architecture of an archway to enter the room

Image via: Home Designing


Curved furniture and decor was very much on the rise for late 2020 and all of 2021, and designers say this trend is not going anywhere. The organic quality of pieces with curves, coupled with the comfort factor that they evoke is going to still reign supreme in the home furnishings world. Architecture itself is starting to note this increase as well, with things like arches and curved windows being seen more often.

A warm minimalism kitchen showcases natural materials in wood and warm black, with a casual dining table welcoming in to the space


Despite all the influx of bold color, personality, and risks in design, minimalism is trending. But it’s getting a remake. The term “warm minimalism” is probably one you’ll see and hear a lot about in the coming months. Across the board, there’s an emphasis on creating spaces that are cozy and inviting. However, the goal is to do this without stuffing them to the brim with unnecessary clutter.

Any of these interior design trends already in your space? What are you most excited to incorporate?


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