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Bring in the Bold – Adding Color to Your Space

Color in design can be somewhat daunting. There’s just so many options! Adding bold color into design can be even more daunting. Thankfully, there’s so many ways you can add color into your space in both large and small ways. Check out some of our favorite colorful additions.

rich teal walls of a living room are accompanied by a blue sofa, green armchair, and a gold coffee table

Image via: House of Hackney


For the very adventurous, going all in with bold color can be an instant statement and set the mood for a room. Keep the color scheme minimal for best results. Decide on a smaller color palette ahead of time and align your choices with that palette. As a result, this will keep the room harmonious and prevent it from becoming too busy and overwhelming.

a light rug and black sofa in a living room are given a pop of color with a large blue and orange art piece hung above the sofa


Artwork is a great way to bring bold color in to a space without having to paint the walls. Whether you use a series of smaller pieces or go with one extra large piece, you can make a big impact with one addition! Tie the color in to other areas of the room with accessories and pillows, or let it speak for itself with a neutral base.

a white bedroom with light linens and headboard are anchored and brightened with a red and blue persian style rug and bold blue accent pillows on the bed

Image via: My Domaine


Rugs are an instant boost the color palette of your room. Depending on your furniture layout in the space, they’re also an easy way to get a bold color without feeling overwhelming. Parts of the rug will likely be covered with other furniture, which will soften the look. A bold rug in a room with lighter and more neutral walls can also help to ground the space and really define it.

a neutral living room sofa in a living space sits adjacent to a gold velvet side chair. the space has built in shelves behind that have this gold color echoed in its accessories

Image via: Article


If art and rugs are feeling like too much to dive into, accents are always useful to bring in some pops of color. Use colorful pieces of smaller furniture like side chairs or poufs for a bigger impact. Or stick to things like accent pillows and throw blankets for additional bold color on furniture. You can also use books and accessories to bring some color into shelving units and on top of surfaces.

a wood dining table surrounded by black chairs is given a punch of color with a bouquet of flowers on the table and a large tree type plant in a back corner

Image via: West of Main


Adding bold color doesn’t have to mean adding huge swaths of red or pink. It can be as simple as some pops of lush green in your space. Use flowering plants if you want a dab of something besides green. You can also add extra interest with plants by playing around with texture and height in your varieties.

Bold color spaces can go from moodily saturated to serene with a twist, so have fun with how you bring in the color!


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