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Flex Spaces – Maximizing Every Room

Flex spaces have always been valuable. Particularly in smaller homes, they can really help your space give you everything you need. Thanks to all that was 2020 – with over a year of working, schooling, and lounging from home – flex spaces have gained in popularity (and honestly, necessity). Stuck on how to start? Here’s some ways to get the most out of your spaces.

Sliding black and glass doors section off a portion of an open concept apartment to create a study, with sofa, bookshelves and its own rug

Image via: Slic Designs


If you’ve got a large, open concept style living space, creating zones is where you need to start. Designate different areas of the space for your various tasks like dining, lounging, working/studying, etc. Use things like furniture and rugs to help guide where these zones are and show their purpose. If you need extra privacy in something like a work zone, consider some sort of a room divider. This can be a physical piece of furniture like a bookcase or wooden screen. It could also be a creative way to hang artwork or decorative paper.

Keep in mind that one zone can have more than one function. You just need to get creative with storage. For example, if you have no space for a full desk, consider a desk built in to shelves or even a coffee table that can be raised up with storage inside. Just give yourself the ability to store away the work related items so that when the day is done you can actually relax in your space too!

Concealed cabinets hang above a built in desk in a corner of a living space, providing storage and work space for this living room

Image via: Interior Zine


Modular furniture and design is so useful in flex spaces. Whether it’s a folding murphy bed that converts an office to a bedroom, or just a sofa with a movable ottoman. These types of pieces can really expand the usability of your space for different needs.

A large wooden circle hangs on a living room wall as a decorative piece. When opened it reveals a television set

This TV cabinet doubles as awesome contemporary art! Image via: Architectural Digest


Some fun additions to your flex space can help set the tone of your various zones. These types of pieces adapt to how you’re using the space. A TV that doubles as art or that stows away within a piece of wall decor can take your living space from formal to casual in seconds. A folding bar cart that can be tucked away in a closet can make an appearance when you have guests over.

Whatever your need, your space has more flexibility than you’d think. Incorporate some of these stylish and functional pieces to really get the most out of it!


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