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8 Places To Clean & Organize for That Zen Feeling at Home

We may not be in full quarantine lifestyles now, but we’re still spending much more time at home than before, which means that the closet you’ve been successfully avoiding for perhaps several years is now in your face daily and it’s time to address it. Maybe it’s the pantry that needs a revamp, or maybe you’re just tired of some of your space’s layouts or decor. Here’s some places to clean and organize around the home that will benefit and which will make you feel more at ease too.

Chic living room


  1. Pack away out of season clothing

  2. Remove unused hangers or old dry cleaning bags

  3. Something you haven’t worn in a while? Make a donation pile

  4. Have some friends in the same process? Get together (safely) and do a clothing swap!

Organized pantry space


  1. A lot of us have already been spending more time in the kitchen, now is the time to organize your space!

  2. Take things out one shelf at a time, wipe the shelf down, and then replace the items to maximize space and efficiency

  3. Years past the expiration date? Throw it away

  4. Consider investing in new containers to consolidate bagged or loose items like spices and sugars. If you want to really push yourself to a new level of organized, get yourself a label maker and go to town!

Stairwell above reading nook


  1. Decluttering doesn’t always mean throwing something away—take a piece of art you’ve been meaning to hang and go for it!

  2. Replace older photos with new prints for a refresh

  3. Get the family involved and make some new art projects for the house!


  1. Declutter all your surfaces—store or throw away everything but the essentials

  2. Clean your windows and blinds, and let all of that natural light stream in!

  3. Change your sheets and fully remake your bed, fresh-smelling sheets are key for a comfortable night’s sleep

artfully designed bedroom

Image via: Amber Interiors


  1. Especially right now, it’s important to wipe down all handles and knobs

  2. Start with a storage area to wipe down, purge, and reorganize

  3. Launder the often neglected shower curtain and/or liner, and launder or wipe down any bath rugs or mats


  1. Remove blankets and pillows, and launder (if possible) or spot clean

  2. Vacuum around and under your cushions

  3. Flip the cushions if you can, give them a fluff, and toss them back on new and improved—ready for your next good read or Netflix binge!


  1. While not strictly a cleaning step, the right scent in your home can make such a difference

  2. Focus on natural scents—essential oil diffusers are great for this

  3. Match the scent to the room or your needs: lemon or rosemary for stress, lavender or chamomile for sleep

interior design

Image via: Domino


  1. Step into our shoes for a day! Assess the room as if you’re putting your house on the market—strip away everything personalized and decorative, like candles, photos, and knick-knacks

  2. Live with the room bare for an hour or a day, just be sure to step away from it

  3. Slowly layer your personalized things back in, but be really thoughtful about how you’re placing everything—maybe this will spark a reassignment of that blue vase to another room? Or throwing away that piece of junk mail that’s been living on your coffee table?

  4. Seeing the room through fresh eyes is really important for de-cluttering, and reminding yourself what you love about your decorations and space

Don’t feel like you have to do all of these in one weekend, or even one month. Tackle places little by little and adjust as necessary. Need help with a reorganization? Reach out to us!


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