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The Movie Night Set-Up, Perfected

Movie nights are always a good time. If you want to take yours from good to great, you’re going to want a few things in the space ready to go. Here’s what we recommend for a cozy and special movie night at home.

Sofa and Seating

Besides your entertainment system, the seating for your movie night is the most critical piece for a successful evening. And even that is arguable. It might be the most important. You need space for all types of movie-watchers – loungers, uprights, floor spots, all of it. A movie room is a great opportunity to get yourself a deeper sectional sofa, which allows for a few different comfy positions all in one. If you’ve got the space, add in some poufs or floor pillows and even an armchair or two. If you anticipate some spilled popcorn or even drinks, think about removable cushion covers that are washable and easy to vacuum styles. When you’re shopping for a sofa, look for fabrics that are labeled as “performance”, “kid/pet friendly”, or “commercial grade” to help narrow it down.

Image via: Boston Magazine

Cozy Factor

After you’ve got everyone situated, add in layers of cozy in your accessories and decor. Throw blankets, pillows, maybe even some slippers or matching pajamas for the family are a fun way to make even an ordinary night more special.

Mood Lighting

If there’s anywhere in your home that would really benefit from a dimmer switch, it’s a family room made for movie watching. If you don’t have that option, candles or soft lamps will do the trick as well.

Lighting comes in to play with your wall colors and windows as well. If you have lighter walls, think about blackout or room darkening window treatments to amp up the theater vibe during those cozy evenings. Darker walls will create an instant moody space, but then you’ll really want some small lighting so no one trips refilling their popcorn!

Image via: Pizzazzerie


No movie night is complete without snacks. To each their own here, but we love something like this movie night charcuterie board. You can even go all out and theme your board with the season or movie!

What’s your favorite way to host your movie night?


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