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HAVEN’s Commitment to Beautify Chicago

We all could use a little more beauty in 2020, and HAVEN is rising to the call. Since HAVEN’s mission is to beautify interior spaces in Chicago, we looked for a great opportunity to give back to the city we love in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. We have partnered with Chicago Gateway Green and their mission to beautify the city’s neighborhoods through landscaping. The garden HAVEN has adopted is the Outbound 90 Diversey Exit Garden! We believe it’s so important to continually find ways to reduce our carbon footprint and be more sustainable, and through the beautification of the city, we’re also improving air quality.

Haven logo with Chicago Gateway Green logo

Outdoor green spaces, particularly in cities, are important to have for several reasons: they help reduce pollution and encourage people to be outside and exercise. Plus, green spaces and nature in general have major mental health benefits like stress relief and calming effects. We’ve talked at HAVEN about this concept of nature and greenery being both aesthetically pleasant and beneficial in design in our Tuesdays at Two sessions. You can read more about that in our Great Outdoors post!

We’re very excited to be involved with this project, and look forward to continued growth and beauty in Chicago!

Haven's garden space

A peek at our garden space!

Learn more about Chicago Gategway Green via:

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